Squad Celebrates 2019

The Fieldale-Collinsville Rescue Squad held its annual Christmas and Awards dinner to celebrate our members and another successful year of serving our community.

The year was full of growth for the Squad which was attributed, in part, by the addition of hourly part time staff. These providers were added in September to supplement current and future volunteers. The addition of these providers was unprecedented in the county. This exemplifies our commitment to new, innovative methods to provide exceptional care to our community.

Among those receiving awards:
ALS Provider of the Year – Adam Wood
BLS Provider of the Year – Morgan “Beth” Craig
Rookie of the Year – Shannon Johnson
Most Improved – Alfredo Lopez
Member of the Year – Scott Robertson
Excellence in EMS – Buzz Custer
Top Call Runner – Buzz Custer

The Fieldale-Collinsville Rescue Squad wishes to thank our community for the continued support. Most importantly, we thank each and every one of our members and their families for the countless sacrifices they make each and every day to help a neighbor in need.

We look forward to a successful 2020.

Join our hourly part time staff!

Job Posting: Hourly Part Time – EMS Provider

Throughout the Squad’s 50+ years of service to the citizens of Fieldale, Collinsville, and surrounding areas we have provided services on a completely volunteer basis. However, the Squad’s Board of Directors recently approved the addition of paid, hourly staff to better serve those in their time of need.
We invite you to apply for our hourly staff by using the link provided. If you have questions or concerns, contact Captain Daryl Hatcher, Lt Jeff Tatum, or Lt Buzz Custer.


Fieldale-Collinsville Welcomes New Operational Officers

Effective July 1, 2019, the Squad has elected new operational officers:

  • Daryl Hatcher, Captain
  • Jeff Tatum, First Lieutenant
  • Buzz Custer, Second Lieutenant
  • Heather Cassell, Training Officer
  • Taylor Hampton, Supply Officer
  • Scott Robertson, Fleet Officer
  • Beth Craig, Equipment Officer
  • Kayla Saxe, Facilities Officer


Fieldale-Collinsville Gets Pet Masks

Henry County Rescue Squad Association Gets Pet Oxygen Masks
Pets to Breathe Easier in Henry County, VA

February 25, 2019 (Henry County, VA) – The Henry County Rescue Squad Association is teaming up with Invisible Fence Brand of Virginia, located in Salem, VA, to help reduce the number of pets killed or injured in house fires each year. It is estimated that between 40,000 to 150,000 pets die each year in fires.

Invisible Fence Brand of Virginia has donated twelve (12) pet oxygen mask kits to the Henry County Rescue Squad Association. These kits will be distributed between the five (5) volunteer agencies and Henry County Department of Public Safety. The pet oxygen mask kits will help resuscitate a dog, or cat, when found in a burning home, and are made possible through Invisible Fence Brand’s Project Breathe Program. The Project Breathe Program has donated over 8,000 kits to fire departments throughout the U.S. and Canada.

In the case of a residential fire, once firefighters have assured human life is safe, attention often turns to pets in the home. When given the opportunity, rescue personnel want to help pets caught in these situations, but often haven’t had the proper equipment to do so. In the past rescue personnel have tried adapting human oxygen masks to fit an animal, but human masks don’t fit properly on the nose of dogs and cats, thus not providing the necessary supply of oxygen. The mission of Project Breathe is to provide local fire and EMS agencies the specialized equipment needed to do so.

The plastic, cup-shaped animal resuscitation masks, which come in three sizes, were originally developed for use by veterinarians. They seal around the muzzle of an animal tighter than a human mask. This helps rescue personnel deliver the right amount of oxygen to the pet to help save their life.

Project Breathe Program: http://www.invisiblefence.com/giving-back/project-breathe
For further information, please contact:
Travis Pruitt, President, Henry County Rescue Squad Association, Inc.: 272-226-0409 tpruitt@ridgewayrescue.com 
Steve Monaghan, Invisible Fence Brand of Virginia: 703-509-0526 I smonaghan@clarkif.com

Squad recognizes members

On December 15, the squad took time to celebrate a successful 50th year of service to the citizens of Fieldale, Collinsville, and surrounding areas at the annual Christmas and Year-End Awards Dinner.

In 2018, we welcomed many new faces, had several members become newly ALS certified, and served families and people in need all across the county.

Among those receiving awards:
BLS Provider of the Year: Buzz Custer
ALS Provider of the Year: Adam Wood
Rookie of the Year: Alfredo Lopez
Officer of the Year: Brandon Quesinberry
Most Improved: Kayla Saxe
Most Calls Answered: Buzz Custer

Squad Loses Life Member and Former Captain

The Fieldale-Collinsville Volunteer Rescue Squad is saddened to announce the passing of Life Member, and former Captain, James E. Kendrick. Jim was a dedicated member, and one of the first paramedics in our department. After Fieldcrest closed, he left the area for a career as a flight medic in the Southwest U.S. and Texas. He completed his RN training and 3 years ago, passed his boards to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. He cared for patients from Coast to Coast in the US and will be greatly missed.

Captain Daryl Hatcher stated “He inspired and trained other members to excel in their patient care as he always looked for improvements.”

God speed, Jim, as you continue on your travels!

Operations and Administrative Officers 2017-2018

Congratulations to our squad officers for 2017-2018! They are:


  • Daryl Hatcher, Captain
  • Jeff Tatum, First Lieutenant
  • Michelle West, Second Lieutenant
  • Brandon Quesinberry, Training Officer
  • Taylor Hampton, Supply Officer
  • Aaron Cole, Fleet Officer
  • Buzz Custer, Equipment Officer
  • Beth Craig, Facilities Officer


  • Stuart Bowman, President
  • Don Handly, Vice-President
  • Sharon Clark, Secretary/Treasurer

We wish them all the best for the upcoming year!

FCVRS Volunteers “Read Aloud” At Local School

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Volunteers with the Fieldale-Collinsville Volunteer Rescue Squad participated in “Read Aloud Day” at John Redd Smith Elementary School in Collinsville, VA. Squad members Micaela Barbour, Christina Frick, Kayla Saxe, and Hamp Ingram were also joined by volunteer firefighters with the Collinsville Vol. Fire Department, as well as deputies with the Henry County, Va. Sheriff’s Office. Participants read to students of JRS from preschoolers to 5th graders. We wish to thank Principal Judy Edmonds and the faculty and staff of John Redd Smith Elementary for allowing us to participate in such a fun event!!