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The Fieldale-Collinsville Volunteer Rescue Squad proudly protects an area of 55 square miles. We operate out of a station that protects a primarily residential area, although our business and industrial areas continue to grow. Our members volunteer their time to assist those in need.

April 1966 – The Fieldale Branch of the Martinsville-Henry County Life Saving & First Aid Crew is organized by Frank Creasy. The crew is based out of the Fieldale Volunteer Fire Department building in Fieldale, VA. The crew utilizes at 1959 Ford station wagon as an ambulance. This sub-station starts with 11 volunteer members.

June 16, 1968 – The Fieldale Sanitary District Board purchases an ambulance for the squad with the stipulation that it becomes an independent agency. The ambulance is a 1964 Buick hearse/ambulance purchased for the sum of $1.00 from McKee Funeral Home in Martinsville, VA. The Squad’s first annual budget is set at $4, 182.50 with 11 active members. They become the charter members of the Fieldale Volunteer Rescue Squad.

September 16, 1968 – The Fieldale Volunteer Rescue Squad is incorporated as an independent squad with Foster Copeland as Captain. This becomes the third active rescue squad in Henry County, along with Bassett and Martinsville-Henry County.

January 24, 1979 – To recruit more members and serve the growing community of Collinsville, VA, the squad is reincorporated as the Fieldale-Collinsville Volunteer Rescue Squad with 23 charter members. The Squad also obtains funding to build a new station on South Daniels Creek Road which is more central to the Fieldale and Collinsville areas.

1979 – The level of care rises to the level of Shock-Trauma Technician. The new level of care is spearheaded by Operational Medical Director Edward Jesneck, M.D. The squad has eight members complete this course, making it the highest trained squad in the county.

March 18, 1980 – The Squad moves into the new station on South Daniels Creek Road. The building is the first building owned by the department. The original Fieldale Station becomes a sub-station.

June, 1980 – The Squad votes in its first female member and becomes the first department in the county to allow females as full members and to stay overnight at the station. On a related note, male membership drops by 30% in the next 45 days, allegedly due to the fact that male members’ wives refuse to allow them to stay overnight in the same building as the female members.

1982 – The level of care again rises to the level of Cardiac Technician. The new level of care is spearheaded by Operational Medical Director D. O. Lewis, M.D. The squad continues to lead the county in the number of certified Advanced Life Support (ALS) providers.

1988 – The level of care rises yet again to the level of Paramedic. Members travel to Roanoke, VA (approx. 60 miles away) to obtain this training. The squad continues to raise the bar for emergency care.

1996 – The squad provides services with 7 Paramedics, 6 Cardiac Technicians, 6 Shock-Trauma technicians, and 16 Emergency Medical Technicians. 98% of the crew is certified at the EMT level or above. The squad operates three ALS ambulances, one 4×4 BLS ambulance, one Light Duty Crash/Rescue vehicle, and an ALS response car. The squad is dispatched to 1500 calls per year, and it’s operating budget is now $85,000 (over 20 times the budget in 1968).

2005 – The squad now operates 4 ALS trucks and a Light Duty Crash/Rescue vehicle. Call volume has increased to 1700 calls per year, with a budget of $120,000.

September 16, 2008 – The squad celebrates 40 years of continuous service to its community.

August, 2017 – The squad celebrates 50 years of community dedication!

August 2019 – The squad hires hourly part time staffing to supplement volunteer efforts and to keep up with the ever increasing call volume.